psycho furniture

psycho furniture – the mentally ill furniture collection by PYG® & SÜLZKOTLETT®

Despite living in one of the wealthiest and most stable countries in the world, cases of mental illness are on the rise. Recent studies show a staggering increase of 76% over the last 10 years. More and more members of our performance-oriented society have a difficult time coping with the pressures of having to keep up.

In many places mental disorders are still considered a topic that is taboo. Having a mental disorder is viewed with the same stigma as a facial tattoo. More than a few people have visibly displayed their pain through self-inflicted injury. Even though the wounds may heal, the scars remain.

Exploring this concept a bit further, perhaps our surroundings become affected just as much as the people within them. Furniture and objects of daily use slowly begin deteriorating and start suffering from mental disorders, just like their owners.

Imagine walking across the world’s biggest furniture fair: tons of design pieces in endless variations totally overwhelm you. How much design does the world need? What does it mean to be a designer? We as designers claim to form our environment, but are we living up to our responsibilities?

Patricia Yasmine Graf & Fabian Seibert’s newest series „psycho furniture“ poses a series of unique questions: Does a depressive lamp give light or does it symbolise the dark side of our meritocratic society? Is an anorexic bed still of some practical use? Can a dresser with multiple personality disorder be the perfect solution for all those couples fighting over the style of their bed room furniture?

A design collection with a slight borderline syndrome – on the border between art and product design:

1 hyperactive chair
2 borderline chair
3 anorexic bed
4 depressive lamp
5 multiple personality dresser
6 multiple personality closet