meffi.s – a socio cultural center

Since 2019, we have been working with many city makers and creatives to breathe new life into the former vacant spaces in Mefferdatisstrasse in Aachen. During this process, I developed a transformative interior design concept for the spaces in cooperation with archigraphus and led various upcycling workshops for citizens.

We worked very sustainably on the interior design concept. Since we had almost no budget for furnishing the rooms, we collected all the donated furniture and bulky waste furniture in our region during the Corona period and held a series of guided upcycling workshops. The participants learned how to restore, sand and repaint furniture.

The uniform color scheme creates a new, friendly design concept and all the mixed furniture comes together to form a new family. The color concept also has the advantage that it is immediately clear to external users which furniture belongs back in which room after use, creating a self-explanatory tidying guideline.

With the 4 different room units in the colors green, yellow, orange and purple, 4 different formats of space use are created: coworking – creative studio & workshop – quarter café – cultural stage.

Who are the Meffis?

We are an association of various initiatives, clubs, individuals and city makers with the common goal of making life in our city more colorful and livable! In four adjoining, previously vacant stores at Mefferdatisstrasse 14 – 18, we have set up a socio-cultural center on an area of around 400 square meters where the socio-ecological transformation of our city can be discussed, shaped and experienced.

Nobody knows what the world of the future will look like, so we simply want to try it out for ourselves. In our eyes, the joint pursuit of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed by the United Nations plays a decisive role in this.

The transformation of our society is a major joint task. We see the meffi.s as a project for the development of socially relevant topics. We want to break new ground and be pioneers for our city. Fortunately, we are not alone in this! We operate in a large ecosystem with many other people and thousands of ideas and opportunities.

We learn in the process and are constantly evolving…

More Info: http://www.meffis.org