colourful street design

With creative interventions, we want to generate more impact and pull!

Last summer, together with over 50 Meffis, we created a huge work of street art in Mefferdatisstraße in Aachen. Using liquid chalk, we temporarily coloured over 500 square metres of asphalt – together with lots of children, parents, grandmas, grandpas, the Turkish hairdresser across the road, the kiosk owner next door, the owner of the Greek snack bar on the corner and lots of people who just happened to be passing by and wanted to join in…

The road was closed to traffic for a weekend and we celebrated a wonderful 3-day festival! With a big neighbourhood picnic, live music and dance performances. It was a blast!

Our creative scope goes far beyond meffi.s spaces. It’s about creating a change of perspective and seeing new opportunities. And recognising your own self-efficacy – being able to help shape your own environment.