REVOLUTION – designmonth Graz

The designmonth Graz 2023 takes a look at the topic REVOLUTION. In what way can and should design influence revolutionary processes? What do designers have to do with it? A look at the activist and political climate shows great confusion and frustration. The current mood offers good conditions for disruptive upheavals, i.e. revolutions. Perhaps right now it is causing the radical changes that are needed at many levels of society and the ecosystem. With the thematic focus in Designmonat Graz 2023, we hope to help in the search for solutions, because we know that the time for disruptive upheavals has long since come.

The Designmonat Graz starts with an unusual opening, with unfamiliar words at familiar places. Revolution times 8. For Designmonat Graz we have defined 8 areas in economy, society and design, which are currently strongly affected by upheavals and changes. For these 8 topics we will let 8 experts have their say, who will hold a 5-minute “revolutionary speech”.

The revolutionary speeches will start at 6 p.m. and will be held simultaneously at 8 different places in the city center of Graz. Each speech will be heard four times during the evening. Decide for yourself which speeches you would like to experience live. The speeches will restart every 25 minutes.


1 Industrial Design Revolution
Thomas Feichtner, Studio Thomas Feichtner / AT
Joanneumsviertel, Zugang Landhausgasse

2 Artificial Intelligence Revolution
performed by Martin Brachvogel
Lesliehof im Joanneumsviertel

3 World domination, love & peas
Patricia Yasmine Graf, designmetropole aachen / DE

4 Circular Design Revolution
Harald Gru?ndl, Institute of Design Research Vienna / AT
Rathaus Innenhof, Hauptplatz 1

5 Revolution des (Nicht-)Bauens
Daniel FuhrhopDaniel Fuhrhop, Wohnwendeökonom / DE
Landhaushof, Herrengasse 16

6 Food Revolution
Christina Hedin, UNESCO City of Gastronomy Östersund / SE
Generalihof, Herrengasse 9

7 Queer Revolution
Io Tondolo & Itshe Petz, SelfSightSeeing Company / AT
Ölbaron-Kiosk am Eisernen Tor

8 Die Innenstadt Graz im Jahr 2040
Theresa Schleicher, Handelsexpertin & Zukunftsforscherin / DE
Amtshaus Graz Innenhof, Schmiedgasse 26