CIRCLES OF LOVE Artist-in-Residence Semester in Lahore, Pakistan

A documentation about the Artist-in-Residency period at the National College of Arts Lahore of multidisciplinary artist and designer Patricia Yasmine Graf from Germany. March – June 2022

We are living in challenging times with many perplexing concerns be it climate change, environmental pollution or the wars and famines in the world, just to name a few. The constant growth of the first-world consumer society will sooner or later bring our planet to collapse. We as humans need to be more mindful of our earth and share its resources more equitably in the future. In recent years, I have become increasingly concerned about how our society will resolve these urban living problems.

As a multidisciplinary artist and designer, I see a responsibility in myself to deal with these issues in order to contribute to finding sustainable ways and solutions for the challenges of our time. Designers have a great influence on what products are made and how, as they are at the very beginning of the production chain. For example, the ideas of recycling, sustainability and circular economy can be an important criterion right from the start. I want to make people aware of addressing these matters, together we can create more balance in the world.

The change begins step by step. For the process first, I try to follow my internal truth and my artistic expression, which is about being authentic and spreading love. I believe that from my radius, I can influence the environment. As soon as the people around me resonate with my ideas, this radius enlarges which helps the people to broaden the concept further. Thus, that radius increases more and more through interaction and the vision draws its circles.

That is what makes the “CIRCLES OF LOVE.”